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Heeeey, Yoooou Guuuuys!

The Muse is demanding that I back up my facts with a re-read of Superman Returns for this 12days_of_clois  fic. Most especially anything that explains specifics about the article Clark read about the 'return of Krypton' or what Lois did to find him after the fact. The suck? My copy is in storage. I wanted to see if, before I either go dig it out of huge boxes of books at the MIL's or go buy another copy for cheap, if anyone has one that's digital? Anyone have an ebook or a version saved to file?

*puppy-dog eyes*

ETA: Oh, yeah! New spoiler in the sidebar. :D And expect the next half of the write-up for the weekend tonight. The Muse hijacked me this morning.
Tags: lois is a moron
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