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OMG! You GUYS!!!

I'm so sorry it's taken me this long to comment on this, but this week couldn't be more schitzo if it actively tried. As if the sheer amount of noms was crazy, the final ballot entries are just out of control! I'm still amazed at some of the catagories we got nommed for. I'm especially thrilled about Elise and Sebast. :D I sooo wasn't expecting that, but I'm so over the moon for it. I have to make an effort to find a visual for Sebast now since I know the boy's getting love.

But thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for remembering us and also for making the effort to do the nominations. It's not an easy task, doubly so when there are so many brilliant works for the fandom out there. There's some seriously tough competition this year, so I'll be grateful for whatever we get. Congratulations to all that were recognized and Good Luck to all of you. Me, I'll just be happy when the 15th gets here. I always hate the waiting periods. I'll post the banners when they're released as I feel really weird posting all of the nommed titles right now.

You guys rock my world!

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