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A Few Days Worth of Update

  • Despite a minor incident with a crabby Ops manager yesterday, life during Brian's vacation goes fairly well. Between us, Janet and I got a pallet and a half of freight done out of two and a half. Not too shabby when you consider that Janet's older and can't move as fast (she also only got a couple of hours with it and was being pulled to the register) and they wouldn't stop calling me to register until around 6. All in all, not too bad. I'm hoping that I'll get it all done before I leave tonight.
  • Anissa and I have recently started watching the TV series Firefly. Part of why I broke down and did it is because there are so many on my F-List that love it so much that, when we had the chance to see it, I couldn't turn it down. We checked out several disks from the library, but ended up buying the DVD set so we could watch them whenever we want. HOW did this show get cancelled? I mean, it was brilliant! And the actors are so engaging! How can you not love this show? I can't even narrow it down to a favorite character, although Anissa's just mad for Inara. I can't believe that it didn't even make a full season! If you haven't see this show, give the DVDs a chance. I don't even like westerns, let alone space westerns, but this just hits the spot. TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!
  • After a fateful visit to Petfinder.com, we may soon be the proud owners of another baby Bagel. Anissa and I have a line on another beagle from the same kill shelter, a male this time. Anissa's been wanting a boy dog for a while and this one looks just like Kallie. Keeping our fingers crossed that we can get him.
  • Okay, so noms are in and the run-off ballot is up over at Superman Movieverse Awards. I'm shocked and amazed at the sheer amount of nominations that we were set for. I'm really not sure if we deserved all of this love, guys! I mean, 28 noms? Holy crap! I mean, seriously! We're both extremely honored, especially when we look to see our competition this year. Now, everyone go vote and I'll go get my bottle of Tums. Congrats to all the nominees and I look forward to being beaten in every catagory! :D GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE!
  • I found januaried ! She's been on the job hunt and out of the house alot, is all. She's recovering for just getting out of school, so everyone just give her time. Hopefully she'll be back amongst us sometime soon.
  • Remember when I mentioned a while back that I wanted that Rolling Stone that had Margot on the cover? It's mine now! :D And the interview is beyond awesome. She's just such a hedonist. *LOL* Some of the quotes are just painfully funny. I'm going to see if I can get to a scanner and post it to reeveverse sometime soon.
  • We're already up over 1,500 words on the next chapter. On a Tuesday. That bodes pretty well for next weekend's entry. I just hope that we can keep this up to par after all those noms for Heirs. *crosses fingers*
  • I need to get over the Doom Cloud hanging over my head lately. Why do things always have to be so damn dark? *frowns unhappily* Seems like more bad than good in my life the last month. Things have got to look up in the day-to-day.

Have a good day, everyone!
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