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Another 'I'm Not Dead' Post

Although things are awfully damn quiet around here, so it's seems like I'm not the only one that's been AWOL lately. Not that that makes anything better. I really wish it was something totally fascinating that was keeping me away from you guys, but it's more like so much writing being done, trying to get the noms out of the way, wacky Florida weather making it impossible to sleep sane hours, and the sheer amount of work expected at my job during all of this is just wiping me out.

And I'm missing januaried  like crazy. We got an IM saying that she was home, but nothing else since. Not a clue what's going on except that maybe RL has stolen her away for a time. :( I hate it.

The good news? After poor saavikam77 gets through betaing the 9,000-word monster, the latest in Heirs will be making an appearance. Expect it mid-day to late afternoon.

Me, I'm going to take a shower and then do a face-plant into my down pillow and sleep at least eight hours and then go to lunch and the library. Totally need to recharge my batteries. *yawns hugely* 

Tags: heirs progress report, the authors in rl, work suckage

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