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Maybe We'll Make It After All...

The Glow of Embers After is currently at 2,747 and five pages. There may be about 100 more words going on it before we send it off. saavikam77, love, is there any possibility of an emergency beta either late tonight or tomorrow morning? I know we're cutting it close, but I dread posting something unbetaed.

Warning, though: This is one of the sadder Snapshots, but it's important to the timeline of LS. And I've been looking forward to this one for a while now.

The woman responsible for creating the memory was the very one to interrupt it. “Are you all right?” When he glanced over at her, she was giving him a most quizzical look. One with more than a little worry just barely hidden.

Giving himself a mental shake, Clark tried to smile at her. She couldn’t guess what was behind his mixed expression, regardless of the bittersweet poignancy of it. “Sure,” he heard himself say in a voice far calmer than he felt, “I’m fine. Just … thinking about the story, that’s all.”

But those hazel eyes were sharp and the brain behind them doubly so. Amnesia or not, Lois’ reporter’s instincts hadn’t been dulled in the least. He didn’t miss the scowl that crossed her features as they walked over to an empty table. Her brow was furrowed when she looked across the table at him once they got settled. “Clark, did I do something stupid while we were in Niagara? Tell me the truth.

Okay, so one task nearly done. Now we just have to get back to next week's chapter and our noms for the Movieverse Awards. Holy geez, this has been one seriously busy month. *collapses* Did I really just take a break? Are you sure?
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