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Back To Work

Do I really have to go back to work? Really? Can't they pay me to stay home?

Seriously, they can't?


Well, first things first, unless we light a fire under our behinds, the chapter is going to have to be held for a week. The Muse decided to be fickle on vacation for once. I'm just happy we managed the one prompt from the Porn Battle, which I think turned out quite lovely. And we have a bit of work done on 12 Days. *crosses fingers* I'm hoping we'll have that ready for next weekend. Regardless, we'll have it in by deadline. There's a sneak peek in the sidebar for the next chapter, though, if you wish to look.

We didn't do much in Orlando except sleep and going to Lush to stock up this time. We got to see our beloved Alley (glitter_my_glam ) and Karis (who was working this time! YAY!) and found out just in time that our Youki-Hi bath bombs are being discontinued. :( That and my Spice Curls and Ooh-La-La soaps. They always pull out some of the items that are not the best sellers from time to time, but I never expected these to be among them. *sniffle* I'll just buy up as much as I can and horde it.

An upshot? Alley says that they're talkiing about a Soft Coeur body wash... *shiver* Now that, that is just sex on toast. Between the Soft Couer massage bar, the Flying Fox body wash, and the Honey, I Washed The Kids soap,  could just have a scent overload. Fr srs. The thought of a Soft Couer body wash is just... *drools* I ended up with a new jar of the Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze hair treatment, five of my Youki-Hi, and a Honey Bee bomb.  And our little Lush fairies snuck us some gifts: a little bottle of Fox and one of the Christmas boxes that contained a Snow Showers shower jelly and a Snowcake soap. I have a huge Retro order going through in the next week for what's not in store (I'm about halfway through my Queen of Hearts complexion soap and I seriously want to try Dark Angels).  And I'm likely going to ask Alley to pick up a few things for me in-store shortly. *facepalm* Suuucccch a Lushie. XD

htbthomas , I'm taking the rest of the week and doing my noms. I can't believe that you've only got two in at the two-week mark! *is shocked and horrified* Seriously, people, we need to get these in. There's no excuse for there only being two! This is another reason why the chapter is going to be held. I can't expect you guys to do yours when I haven't done mine.

I will also be catching up to the F-List in the next few days. I'd do it today if I didn't have to go in. Here's hoping that the store visit by one of the higher-ups was this morning and I don't have to clean like a maniac in a splint. God help me. *rolls eyes*

Love you guys!

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