Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

It's Just A Few More Hours...

Before I toddle my exhausted behind off to bed with a drive time of three hours ahead of us, let me pause a moment to reflect on the the fact that today also is a grand occasion on the part of one of our very own and my very favoritest beta and friend....


'Nissa and I request that you get to borrow Brandon from Caroline for the day. And just know that, now that Everything Burns is in your hands, 'Nissa has passed on the request and we'll be starting that chapter you have been so subtle about wanting to see this weekend. 

                                 WE LOVE YOU!!!!!! 

And in LS news, as you see above, it is finished and off to the Queen. The final count clocked it at 6,472 and thirteen pages. I plan to post it before we leave, so as not to put us any further behind. I really think you guys are going to love this. 

Either that or wait the pipebombs until we get home from MegaCon, please. I want to get the dogs boarded before any attempts are made on our lives. XD

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming. (Boy, I'm tired. Excitement is exhausting!)
Tags: happy birthday, margot

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