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As Lois Realizes That She's Using Bullets Too Often...

I hadn't realized how completely impersonal these entries are getting. Job, you need to stop ruining my RL. Hopefully the break will recharge my batteries. I miss getting out of my LJ to other people's. :(

Well, one more batch of bullets. I'll try better tomorrow.
  • Started the noms this morning. OMG, I have a serious task ahead of me here. First things first, I started on 12days_of_clois and I'm going to branch out from there. Once I'm done there, I'll head over to FF. Good thing I have the rest of the month and I read fast. Holy geez. My fault for being too busy with multiple fics since last year. :( I only did it to myself.
  • So many awesome fics popping up the last few days. I think I'm going to take a moment to actually recc a couple since they've been so plentiful. htbthomas ' Blind Trust over at the PB is a sexy little SV take on the Reveal. It has to do with a scarf and not the way you think. ;) saavikam77 makes her way back to the Reeveverse with a haunting entry, Flicker. This fic got to me so much that Anissa and I have gotten the okay to write a continuation inspired by it. I've wanted to do something with this 'didn't happen' forever. Ella, this is so much win! *huggles* Not to mention plenty of fics over at the latest round of 12days_of_clois , which is shaping up to be awesome this time around. More reccs as I get out more. This is what happens when you don't want to get accused of stealing ideas: you STAY behind on stories. *headdesk*
  • januaried, who is escaping the tyranny of higher learning this weekend with honors (YAY, LAUREL! W00T! SO insanely proud of you, bb!!), has posted the latest Heirs fanmix at reeveverse. This should catch us up with the last chapter and a little beyond. Expect the next one to be very action-oriented. ;)
  • Totally getting Panera bagels for the trip. I've been having a mad passionate craving for them for weeks now. I get this feeling like I'm going to be going all Lois Lane this time, living on coffee and bagels.
  • Between the Kal-El POV fic for 12days_of_clois and the PB fic from Kal-El's perspective, expect a whole lot of sexy-romantic coming from us after the break. :) I'm excited.
  • I want a little more written before the preview for next chapter goes up. I totally don't want to ruin any surprises. :D
  • Two more nights of work. Say it with me: ALMOST THERE!
Tags: heirs progress report, oneshot progress updates, random, reccing

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