Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

What I Did This Weekend...

Haircut: $28
Brow Wax: $8
New Outfit: $59
New Pair of Boots: $35
Xanax Prescription w/Refill: $27
Meeting Your Idol at MegaCon: Priceless

Okay, I am packing as we speak, with only an eight-hour shift and a three-hour drive between me and Lois Lane. And I'm deleriously terrified. Blissfully scared to death. ACK! What do you say to your biggest idol without sounding like a dopey moron? Can you say anything? Or do you do the sensible thing and opt to just pass out?  Yep, that will make a good impression. I think I'll go for option 2. 

Well, wish me luck. I'm going to meet herThe her. And B's right. She'll probably be very nice and very confused as to the actions of the babbling idiot before her and forget me two minutes later, but... 

She's Margot. And I'd sound like a gushing freak if I went on about how much this woman's example means to me. ;) Then again, it's not as if LS isn't one big valentine. *LOL*

I really wish I would be remembered, but that's impossible. And I want to tell her about LS, but still worried about coming off sounding like a nut. *sigh* I'll worry about it tomorrow...

And thanks a million to sean_montgomery of all of the lovelies and notes she's been sending all week, even if I'm slow to respond. I love you and I SO needed it. *hugs her twin tightly*

Speaking of which, Caroline and the rest of you, scooby has a new video up! And I'm blushing! Anyone know who Margot Gabriele is? *Proud and touched SQUEE!* I LOVE YOU, scooby!

Which is when the newest chappie will be out. We're almost finished and will have it out to B late tonight. We're taking the laptop with us to Orlando, so we'll be posting it as soon as it gets back from B tomorrow. I think everyone will like this one, seeing as how we kept you guys waiting so long for it. *hugs*

Oh, yeah, and here's your official teaser, folks! You knew it would happen eventually!

“Well, I have good reason to believe she did a whole lot more than kiss Clark,” Richard replied hotly.  Before he really knew what he was saying, he spilled everything.  “I’m pretty sure I caught them making out in the damn supply closet the day we got back – they sure looked guilty as hell.  But it shouldn’t surprise me, considering that he’s the father of the twins.”

What?  Perry stared at him incredulously.  “Richard, son, you have completely and utterly lost your mind.  Clark Kent no more slept with Lois than I did.”

I'm going to go to work and try not to think about tomorrow....much!  *SQUEES at the top of her obsessed little lungs and she rarely SQUEES!*
Tags: little secrets spoiler, margot

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