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Couple of Things That Happened In Between My Insane Job...

  • Anissa and I finally ate cherimoya for the first time. I can say now with absolute certainty that Lois, in all 'verses involving babies, was a fiend for the stuff. Hell, maybe even with the baby. That stuff is delicious. Tastes just like vanilla custard. The only thing is getting past its appearance. The flesh is creamy white with some black, blue, and pink. No, it's not spoiled. That's just the look of it. And it has a lot of little seeds that you shouldn't eat (they're used for pesticides), so be careful when you try one. They're usually pretty pricey here in the US, but totally worth it. A little piece of heaven. *reminds self to buy more*
  • verogeller made me immensely happy with this little fanmix. It's not often that I see anyone do a Reeve-verse playlist, so this totally made my day. And the songs are so spot-on Clois. THANKS, VERO!
  • The next fanmix for Heirs will be coming up shortly, due to the fact that soon-to-be-graduate januaried has a little free time now. :D
  • On the same note, the next chapter of Drama Central...Oops. ;) I mean, Heirs...is up to 1,500 words. And I think a few readers are in for another surprise. Expect a spoiler in a few days. I want to make sure it's just right. :D
  • Three more days until a few days of freedom. I can't wait to get to Orlando. When you're dreaming about folding towels and cleaning up the store, you need a break. Seriously. *fail*
  • januaried has also made me a beautiful little manip to go along with next chapter that I totally want to share, but it's a bit of a spoiler. Which is why I'm not going to do the desk top meme right now. All I can say is it involves Kal and Lois.
  • Is it Friday night yet? *pouts*

Have a good day, all! I'm going to try to get back to posting more often. These days at work have just been taking a lot out of me.
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