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Presenting My Smashed-Up Video!

Okay, so Vimeo squished it. And the quality that looked beautiful on the WMM now looks fuzzy. *growls under her breath* The point is, the stupid WMM stayed up long enough for me to do something. So enjoy. *slinks off, embarrassed*

Superman Saga-Clois-Once Upon A Time

Little Secrets-Clois-Once Upon A Time from Lois Joos on Vimeo.

This is not my best work, just basically a project to show my friends that my WMM is actually still alive. All of the slight cut-glitches are mine. I guess it shows that I'm a little rusty.

The storyline follows the storyline in my fanfiction, Little Secrets. Following the events of SII and the Zod Squad's attempt to take the Earth for the their own, Superman performed what he considers a noble sacrifice. He has taken away Lois' memories of their time together, including the knowledge of his secret. In the days that follow, his detachment from Lois grows harder and harder to maintain, especially since the mindwipe effectively reset Lois to her behavior to the way it has always been toward Clark and the hero.

When astronomers discover what might just be Krypton, still in one piece, Kal-El does what he thinks he must (not to mention a feeling of guilty relief at being able to go away) and goes to explore, not knowing that it will be years before he returns to Earth.

Lois, on the other hand, is desperate to find him. He never warned her of his intentions to leave. By the time she manages to piece everything together, he's gone. And it's not long after that that she isn't the only one he left behind.

This video is based around Lois' memories of the time they spent, memories that come back as her pregnancy draws on. The original scene this was mentioned in had her on the rooftop of her Paris apartment, listening to the song listed coming from a club up the street (she transferred after realizing she was pregnant, knowing that others would guess what happened if she stayed in Metropolis; the French don't know as much detail as Metropolitans would), closing in on her due date.

I own nothing but the storyline and this is not for profits. Suing me would net you nothing. The song is 'In Your Wildest Dreams' by The Moody Blues and all footage belongs to Warner Bros.
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