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Clark Meme, Days 12-17 (1.12 - Leech Through 1.17 - Reaper)

Okay, so I fell behind. To make up for it, here's several days' worth of SV's Clark Kent:

1.12 Leech


Ah, yes, the Kent boys. Although I think that Jonathan was a little too hard on him at times on the show, I really did love their relationship. Sometimes knowing canon sucks, especially when you know his final fate. :(

1.13 Kinetic


Okay, it looks like Chloe managed to get injured here (I need to rewatch the episode), but it looks like Dopey's whining over not being center of attention. The expression is just worth its weight in gold.

1.14 Zero


Every hero should have his villain and Clark definitely met him in this version of Lex. Tom and Rosenbaum always played incredibly well off of each other, especially in these first seasons. I may not ship it, but you can understand why there are Clex shippers. Their acting chemistry is as good as he and Erica's.

1.15 Nicodemus


"Please, Lana, I've seen enough of you in this episode all ready. Put your clothes back on. Please don't ruin my perfect princess image of you again, please? At least for another season?" *LOL* Sorry, guys, but this is what I thought of as soon as I saw it.

1.16 Stray


Why does seeing him with Ryan in that episode make me so happy? I mean, seriously. Mr. Kent, sir, you will make an excellent daddy one day. *snugs*

1.17 Reaper


Okay, I know what's going on in this scene, but what does it make me think of? What I want to see in season 9. Martha obviously talking sense to her stubborn Kryptonian boy. One kick in the seat of the reality pants for Dopey, coming right up. I love you, my darling boy, but Ma needs to talk to you.
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