Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

A Sniffle And A Smile...

Before I drink enough coffee to keep my eyes open long enough to add a good chunk of writing to the chappie, I want to make a couple of announcements:

One: Thank God, no one called out tonight...even if we did have one go home earlier. *sigh* Here's hoping tomorrow's head count is better. Seventeen more days of this. *groan*

Two: Happy Birthday, Wikki! I hope it was utterly grand! You deserve it after all of the craziness that's been going on for you. *hugs*

Three: B, I steadfastly refuse to read that chapter until I've caught up on everything. Because I'm in denial. Because I don't want to see DV end. Because I'm selfish and I love you and the story too much to acknowledge the end of an era just yet. *whimper*

Four: Found some lovely Clois to help blot out the pain of the end of DV. But it won't entirely. :P, B! *grabs Mom and hugs her before she can protest.

Five: Dammit, Brian, now Anissa wants a Mac! You just *had* to write that post, didn't you? And Abby, don't help! *sighs, rolls eyes* We are NEVER going to afford that house in Asheville! Thanks, guys! XD

Six: Rediscovering old TV shows you watched as a child and realizing you still love them is a beautiful thing...as long as you don't tell anyone what they were. *blush*

Seven: Love you all and wish that I had more time online lately. And Abby, it's precious. It's my background on the computer as we speak.

Tags: clois videospam, random

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