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Reasons Why Thursday Doesn't Suck

  • iconzicons  did another of their random animated GIFs bonanzas and this one included several hilarious Star Trek icons. Warning for a few sleazy ones. *LOL at the Dr. Frankenfurter ones* Go take a look around. They have some of the most awesome icons on LJ. They even have a few Disney ones.  Although, don't look around too much, Andrea. Most of their stuff is not to your taste.
  • brdwaybebe  made another little batch of STM-y awesomeness. :D Christy, these are like little drop of gold in my day. ILU, bb!
  • januaried  also got bitten by the iconing bug yesterday and I'm thrilled to death for it. This latest batch of SV icons is pure awesome. See? *points to user icon*  Have I mentioned lately how good it is to have you mostly back? *tacklesnuggles*
  • If you haven't had a chance to go read either A Lot To Talk About by babettew54  or Pillow Talk by alphielj , I suggest you get your read on. Both stories absolutely deserve the recc. This is babettew54 's first fic and I think she's doing an excellent job on it, especially for a first time out, and this is a rare moment of fluff from our Lori. Yes, this means that I'm finally getting enough free time to read and review (yes, Lori, reviews will be coming in soon from me), so keep your eyes out as I attempt to get to some of the huge backlog.
  • Short day today and tomorrow (6-11), but I still have to go in at the usual time because Anissa has to work. The trade-off? Today's Anissa's employee Mike's birthday and it means I get to see Dom. Because Dom is God. No, really, God is a tiny little Filipino lady. Why, are you laughing?
  • I can breathe a little better today, although whatever this bug, cold, virus is, I'm still sleeping a lot more than usual. Which would be easier if I wasn't getting muscle and back aches. What can I say: with me, the more symptoms, the merrier.
  • And Michelle Featherstone's Perfect (the song from the Lois/Clark comfort scene from the finale of season 7 of SV) has done wonders for my muse in Lois' final scene in the latest chapter. This is going to be a difficult one for me to write, especially from Lois' POV, but if done correctly, it will sum up something very important. Yes, I'm being deliberately vague. ;)
  • And said latest chapter is nearly complete a week early. :D Which is a good thing, seeing as how we have lots coming up in the few weeks. Expect more Richana (yep, we're working on their fic again), another Snapshots entry for 12days_of_clois , our usual posting schedule, and a few more oneshots from our list. And we're just waiting for the right prompt for that final IAL entry and the last couple in the So Close 'verse. It'll be nice to see Bruce again, no?

That looks to be it. Have a good day, all! Especially those a day away from summer break! *tacklesnuggles for Mom and Big Sister*

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