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Inventory Sucks Sour Frog Behind

Well, it is day twelve of the grand fiasco that is the Bed, Bath, and Beyond inventory. They've taken eight people from our store to do this regional evil, leaving both day and night with a skeleton crew. We are at our absolute minimum. And every night someone or someone(s) call in. I've been begging for fulltime since I've been there. And I just now got it. Have you ever tried to open and close a department store with three people, including the manager? I've done it a couple of nights this week. It sucks.

Thursday night, it was just me and three other people after 9, including the big boss. It had been a busy night, as it's hard to run one side with a single person. As it is, we have one person for Hardside, one person for Softside, one cashier, one Customer Service rep, a Front End Manager, and a Closing Manager on a very good night. It should be double that on HS and SS. I'm working nine hours and going home exhausted every night. I'll be so glad when February's over.

I just wanted to vent and let everyone know why I'm not getting any replies and reviews out. I barely have time to work on Everything Burns. Which tallies now at just over 2,000 words. Thank God we have until Friday night. I love you all and will get caught up. Promise.

On a good note, Anissa and I will be packing up for Orlando this weekend to meet the one and only Ms. Kidder for the first time. I'm scared to death and excited at the same time. OMG! It still doesn't feel real. I feel like I should send a stand-in and watch from the sidelines. I just know I'm going to giggle like an idiot, cry, and pass out. Yeah, that sounds like cool, calm me, right? *snort*

Well, here's hoping some idiot at work doesn't call in. Cross your fingers.
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