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My Favorite Clark Cap (Gacked From cloiser_trish

Not sure where this little guy started, but it's exploded around LJ by now. I figured that I'd throw my hat in the ring.

From cloiser_trish's LJ:

Well another season has come and gone and though it had it's highs and low's over all I think Season 8 was a really good season.....
So Iliana had a really nice idea a few weeks ago with posting Chlark pics..
well since I'm not a Chlark fan I thought It would be fun to start posting our favorite CLARK pics starting with Season 1 and I think if we go episode by episode heck we can have these next 4 loooong mths come and go in a wink *giggles* well it'll help pass the time...so if you guys are game I would love to see what your favorite Clark shot from Pilot is.

I have to go with this one, from the cemetery scene with Lana where she introduces him to her late parents. Not a Clana fan at all, but he was just so sweet and understanding to her in this scene that you had to smile. Not only did he play along with the game, but even manage to compliment her to the bargain. Who could blame someone for falling for him?

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