Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Reasons That Today Doesn't Suck

  • It's raining outside and Ms. Lois loves a rainy day. There's nothing more calming in the world to me. Especially when I'm home to enjoy it.
  • Ms. Laurel is caught up on her assignments, which means shiny on the way for me and our fans. :D The ones she made this morning smack of fabulous and we found some new pics the last couple of day that should be awesome.
  • Saw Star Trek on Saturday and was floored by how much I liked it. Seriously. Never really been much of a fan (only ever got into DS9 and I didn't even watch the whole series), but I'm extremely fond of this new franchise already. It doesn't seem anywhere as dry and confusing to me. And Spock, no matter what version, is love. You should have seen my face when I saw Nimoy! XD I hadn't read any spoilers before seeing the film, so that was a thrilling surprise for me. And the new Kirk? I loved him as much as I couldn't stand Shatner's version. Chris Pine, thank you. You and the rest of the cast did the impossible. I'm a fan of Star Trek now. I'm still surprised. Wow.
  • SOMEONE ELSE KNOWS ABOUT MARGOT'S PYGMALION! *dances around* I myself have only seen it once, on late-night on A&E when I was about 15. And it's pretty hard to find these days and, even then, just on VHS. But at least this person got some screen caps. :D And she does such an amazing job as Eliza. I've always adored Audrey Hepburn's take on her, but Margot breathes such snarky life into the character. *loves* I so need to get all of these performances.
  • A day off all alone at the MIL's house just before she gets home. We'll be packing up to go home tonight, but for now, it's all me me me.
  • And the new chapter is set for beta by tonight, so we can actually give saavikam77a little breathing room. Also, for those worried about how dark the story seems to be getting, keep in mind that we did say that it was going to be a multi-layered storyline. It's all about how a family, even a Super-Family, has to cope with changes. And the biggest part of the plot is coming up now. It's not all going to be darkness and angst. Promise. Just give us time. ;)
  • This video is love.
    templarcavaliar-SV Clois-Halo
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