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*wince* Dammit, Not Again... (SV 8x22: Doomsday)

Okay, I'm of two minds on this episode.

One: It could have been better. My imagination and the storylines leading up to this and it could have been SO epic! I really thought they'd go for it, I really did, but again my hopes were too high. I keep thinking that they'll have the guts to go for the gold, but then they fall just short. I'm not seeing Chloe coming back from this. Too much has gone on here and she has too much blood on her hands for me to ever really forgive her. When I need to see Chloe, I'll go back and watch the other seasons. It's so sad that they just plugged her into KK's outlet and made her Lana V2.0. And I'm still reeling from the death of our Jimbo. I'm an idiot, I guess, but I didn't see it coming.  And could that have been any more brutal? The poor Chimmy fans. We put him in the know, we let the pair of them have a chance to reconcile, and then they kill him that brutally? WTFH!? I know I cried like a baby.

Although the 'Saint Chloe' speech was a little much. Sorry, PS3, that's not bringing us any closer to canon. There was no need for that, especially after the druggie storyline. EPIC!FAIL.  And then the fake-out with the kid brother, who all signs point to being James B. Olsen? *glares* Wrong. Just wrong. Not to mention that the Doomsday fight was over far too quickly. It had its epic moment with the little girl, but it was too easy.  And where the hell is Lois, who disappeared halfway into the episode? Just wandering around in the future with no idea what's going on? I understand why Clark did what he did at the finale; it's understable after the season he's had and he needs to work all of this craziness out. I don't like that he's doing this when Lois is missing.

First order of business for season 9? NEW WRITERS! They should have given it to Tom and his choice of canon-friendly writer. Fr srs.

Two: It could have been worse. We got the Clois and the possibility of RBB/Lois; Tom and Erica were absolutely rockstar in their scenes together. The whole scene with them at the Daily Planet was so pitch-perfect that I had this goofy smile on my face the whole time. It really was beautiful. I'm really looking forward to next season on that account. I adored the Lois and Jimmy scene. I'm going to miss their bickering like mad. Oh, sweet, sweet canon. And Tess? How completely amazing was she in this one? I'm so relieved that they saved her. The Lois and Tess confrontation was crazy-awesome from "I liked the maid costume better".

It was awesome to see Dinah and Bart again, despite the fact that they let Ollie talk them into trying to do this alone. That was pure fail. :D Jimmy finding out the truth was a thing of beauty. And Clark's grin when he finally got to tell him that he was the RBB. XD The way it was done was just perfect. I loved the Chimmy make-up if only because we finally saw the Jimmy we love smiling, really smiling, again.  And after he was gone, the fact that Chloe is paying for all of the foolishness of the season is just as it should be. Yes, she got the Watchtower, but Clark's gone now, Lois is missing, and the League has left her behind. You have a lesson to learn, babe. I suggest that you learn it. And the Zod finale? :D Well, remember what Faora said about Doomsday being their legacy? We knew this was coming. Now, my only question is, is she coming back, too? 

Clark, I think your days of hiding out in the Big Man's Arctic Clubhouse are numbered. *LOL*

I'll be there next season, if only for the Clois and to see what happens to the League and Chloe. Not happy, but at least they didn't bring Kreuk back for the finale.  

ETA: After reading starrylites ' wishlist,

• Annette back for the season...or just for a cameo. Seriously. Martha needs to come home and talk sense to her hard-headed boy.
• Wherever Lois ended up, she finds out some tiny bit of the history she and Clark will have. Preferably if Garth launches into full-fanboy. XD
• Okay, if he's going to make the break with all old ties, we need to sell the farm. It's time to move to Metropolis and make the title of the show just stand for his nickname.
• Chloe gets it in gear and they find a good reason for her to leave. At this point, it needs to happen. With all of the hints from the Legion about her lack of existence...
• You killed Jimmy. Having done that, the only way I'll forgive you is if we get Perry. Now. Yesterday. And that may not even be enough.
• We need to see more of the world outside Smallville and Metropolis. I understand that the budgets are tight, but come on. You're in Canada. Use what you have, scenery-wise. Hell, set an episode there!
• A few more canon characters, even villains. I don't want you going all L&C-cheesy, but a few of the canon baddies wouldn't hurt.
• Did I mention Martha coming home? *glares at the writers*
• Romance for Clois this next season, but none of that overt fluff that was L&C. Play it just the way it is. Smart, funny, and real. And apologies to my L&C-watching friends. You know what I mean when I say that. This isn't a romantic-comedy and the formula wouldn't work with Tom and Erica.

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