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A Little Review Because I Keep Running Out Of Time

Wolverine was awesome, most especially Mr. Logan himself, Hugh Jackman. Have to say yet again that, after playing him in four films, Hugh really was the best choice. I've never gotten the feeling that he was playing the part so much as being the part. And since most of my knowledge of him before X-Men came from Kate and Leopold, that's saying a lot. He's definitely made me care for a character that I read in the comics for years, but didn't feel the need to follow.

Now, the opening of the film? Made me crazy, as I've read Origins. That whole opening slaughtered me with the lack of canon. Even the tone wasn't right, but Brian told me that he liked the pacing. BAH! I like the original story better. And wasn't a real fan of the 'HI, WE'RE ADULTS NOW AND HAVE BEEN IN EVERY FREAKING WAR SINCE WE RAN AWAY!" instant storyline change. Don't get me wrong, I know how steeped in the military Logan was, but I just hate the suddenness of it. I never really followed much of his 'war days' storyline from comics, so any canon issues didn't bother me so much there and it was interesting. I think they had Creed right on mark for the kind of person he is. Liev wouldn't have been my first choice for the role, but that's all about physicalities. I think his performance was awesome.

One question, though? Where the hell was Mariko? I think that was really the main thing, other than the opening that made me crazy. Then again, looking around, it looks like they retconned her. Kayla seems to be an amalgam of all of his women during his history, Mariko included. *death glare* Comic book rewrites, raping my childhood daily. *stamps foot*

And I loved me some Remy. We got a lot more screen time than I expected. And he was another casting surprise; I never would have thought of him for Remy, but looking back on some of the other roles he's played, it's perfect. I also love that they honestly had him not understand that Logan wasn't the enemy at first. Typical Mousieur Le Beau. *LOL* Blow things up now, ask questions later if necessary. It was so nice to see him in a film after all these years. Now if he could just beef up that accent and speech pattern, I'd die happy. Well, that and if they could get he and Rogue into a film together.

Not so sure about the ending, either. But it was definitely a hell of a lot of fun to watch, especially since we had been in insane heat for the four hours at World of Nations before we saw it. A pleasant way to stay cool and plenty of eye-candy. Two thumbs up. 
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