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Happy Meme (Days Three, Four and Five)

Happys from Wednesday:

~ New Ghost Hunters (and set in a haunted asylum, no less!)
~ Using a whole Youki-Hi bath bomb (I usually break mine into smaller pieces so they last longer) and more than half a Flosty Gritter bubble bar ( I usually only tear off a small quarter-size chunk) after a long day and using it all without guilt. Followed by 13 Rabbits bodywash. And the Queen of Hearts complexion soap? Worth it's wait in gold, as is the Cosmetic Warrior facial mask (has to be purchased in-store). ILU, Lush!

Happys from Thursday:

~ Made it through my last day of work for two days, although got dizzy from sinus issues toward the end of the night.
~ Got my invite code for DW.
~ Enjoyed the 'Clark' portion of SV.

Happys for Friday:

~ Slept until 4:30. And could happily sleep more if I didn't know I wouldn't sleep Saturday through.
~ Most of my DW stuff is set up as far as it can go for the moment.
~  Anissa found a link to this man's AMAZING work. Remember how badly I want that Margot!Lois doll since there's nothing good for Lois available, period? HE'S ALREADY MADE A CHRIS (look mid-way down the page)! Hell, he's already made a Brandon!Superman and a Kate!Lois! *dies* But his commissions are closed for the moment. My heart dies a little. She could be beyond gorgeous and one-of-a-kind. God knows what price I'd be willing to pay.
~ I'm off again tomorrow and going to World of Nations with Mrs. Awesome. And then to Lakeshore Produce for organic noshings.
~ I REALLY want that doll.

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