Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Well, We Have Some Good News And Some Bad News...

The good news is that 'All's Fair in Love, War, and the Front Page' is back from B with a stamp of approval. Which makes the both of us very happy. Which also means that Anissa will stay the hell out of Lois' LJ. *blow a raspberry at Anissa, followed by an evil glare, despite the fact that she was exhausted last night* It should be post early morning Friday, before most of you are even up. 

The bad news is that we couldn't concentrate of Everything Burns this week with pressures at work, as well as trying to get V-Day done. Which means that we're going to pull a Christmas this week and this will be the current week's chappie. That will also give us even more time to get EB perfect, which we want it to be. Please don't kill us, but we know we can't put out decent work with only two days to do it in. Can you forgive us? *Pleading look* 

We love you and hope the rest of your week is beautiful! See you all Friday morning!
Tags: little secrets progress reports

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