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The Happy Meme (Day Two)

Okay, seeing as how I have to confront my boss on scheduling me beyond my availability this week, I think it's a good thing I have this meme to do to prevent me from giving myself an ulcer. I swear I'm going to be a broken-down old woman by 40 because of stress. *headdesk*

Buuuuut, today makes me happy because of:

~A Small Matter of a Little Gravity is going to beta. Expect it by the weekend or sooner. ;)

~ Now I'm definitely buying it the day it comes out. How can you not? Look at the cover art! XD Way to make it clear this is the season of the Clois! God, they look so perfect together.

~ Being awaken by a happy Baby Bagel. It's hard to believe that she's going to be three in a few months.

~ The above icon (one of my two favorite massage bars, Soft Coeur) and the fact that I still have a ton of Lush in my possession. Will this stop me from buying more? Not likely.

~ I got to talk to the ever-busy januaried last night, despite her need to finish her homework and thesis. *tacklesnuggles* You'll get it finished on time, bb! I have no doubt.

~ All of the reviews on the latest chapter make me more confident that everyone is going to be amazed at the rabbits we're going to pull out of our hat. :D

Not too bad for only having been awake for two hours. :D
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