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The Happy Meme (Day One), Gacked From bistyboo1974

After all of the ungodly mess that has been the last little while, I decided that maybe doing this meme might be a good idea. Maybe I can somehow manage to keep myself a little more 'up' if I have a reason to concentrate on the bright spots in my day.

Day One

~ After his week off, Brian is finally home and didn't seem upset with me for the calamity that was Harmon while he was gone. Thank God.
~ januaried is randomly working on bases for the Clois portion of Project: STM and I snatched several for new icons, of which my current userpic is one. God bless Margot for being so expressive. :D
~ We're about 2,000 words into next weekend's chapter on Heirs. And plan to work on more notes for the arc later.
~ I'm doing a final polish on Little Secrets: A Small Matter of Some Gravity (see sidebar for spoiler) as we speak. This is a little oneshot written for ladymackenzie after her request a few weeks ago. It's not terribly long, but I hope everyone enjoys it. We really loved getting a chance to show this moment! Thanks for waking our Muse up on that one, Mac! *snugs*
~ Oh, yeah. I'm off today. Definite plus!
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