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Anissa hijacking Kala's journal again.  Why?  Because I can! 

2:19 AM.   3,125 words on the Valentine's Day ficlet.  Still untitled.  No smut, just laughs and romance.  Well, a little passion towards the end.  This is more of a teaser for the upcoming sequel than anything else.

Yes, you heard me right.  Teaser.  Sequel.  *grins*

Oh, and incidentally, sending someone red tulips means "you're a perfect lover" in the language of flowers.

4:02 AM.  3,927 words.  Getting close; final scene is all that's left.  Still no title.  Suggestions, anyone?

4:47 AM.  4,703 words.  Have I mentioned my allergies lately?  My sinuses are in full meltdown and I think I have tennis elbow, only I don't play tennis.  And yeah, we're assuming Chris Daughtry is still doing concerts in ten years.  He's that good, people, he'll be around.  And Caroline will be in the front row, screaming and throwing panties.  Close to the end, though.  All we need is the unveiling of the gifts, mwuhahahahaha!

Drumroll, please!  5:21 AM, 5,583 words, and it's FINISHED!  "All's Fair in Love, War ... and the Front Page" is finally finished!  Off to the inimitable Barbara, ECQ and Empress of Betas(also affectionately known as 'Mom'), as we speak.  Time to celebrate!  Pour the champagne... snnnnnnnnnnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.............  *heads thunk to table, writers have been up since 10 AM*
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