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Say WHAT?!?!

Expect a rant here later tonight on just how much I think it sucks that there are so many people out there that consider Batman a more viable character than Superman just because he's dark and brooding and has no problem beating up the bad guys. I love Bruce, but does he represent a better way of life? No. Have we fallen so far that hope and peace are 'cardboard and unrealistic'? There are no words for just how much that pisses me off. Seriously. When the day comes that we consider those values as 'stupid and outdated', I'll go live in a cave somewhere. It just sickens me, especially when it's not just the fanboys talking. *starts packing now*

...if I go any further, I'll be late for work. So I'll shut up for now, but this...

I'm just so disgusted. How can we have fallen so far?

BTW, this is not an anti-Bat post. I'm not attacking the fans of Bruce here. It's not the character's fault. It's more of a shock that we readers and fans have become this jaded. When it gets to the point that The Blackbird of Happiness is having to comment on it, that's pretty bad.

That said, bring the wank. I really don't care. Some of us still believe in truth, justice, and hope. Only the American Way has become murky.
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