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Oh, Three Days, You Were Gone So Fast...

Between doing our final draft of the chapter and then running around doing errands Saturday until we lost daylight, having duelling schedules with family and friends on Easter Sunday, and then a huge day trip to Orlando today to pick up a pair of presents and restock at Lush, I'm bushed. I don't think I actually slept late a single day of my long weekend. *LOL* But I dooo have several new additions to my Lush stash and I also have a lovely new stuffed meerkat that Anissa bought me when she went to the zoo with Mysa that would make Baby Kala sooo jealous!  We'll have to get pics.

God bless januaried  for not killing me forgetting what days she's available. I just think so many semesters of schedules are running together for me. I miss you when I don't get to see you and it's my own fault this semester. I'm so sorry, bb. *snuggles*

I just wish my life would calm down enough that I can get back to daily entries. :( I really miss being able to be here more often.

Tags: the authors in rl, the lush life

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