Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Just A Brief Little Moment Of Scoobycookies Joy To Carry Us Through...

Before turning in for the evening, I have to report that we are now up to 2,871 on the V-Day fic and that I have found freshly-minted wonderfulness from scooby this morning. bistyboo1974, my darling, take a gander at this gooshy brilliance. This girl really is my hero, even when I'm not much on your standard mush. *LOL*

And as far as wonderful and warm goes, if you haven't read htbthomas' latest chapter of Deja Vu, what are you waiting for? Doom? You're wasting time reading this! Go! Go! Shoo! 

B, as always, you have outdone yourself and I'm beside myself in admiration of the extraordinary job you've done of the universe of that one story. And I know I'm going to bawl my eyes out when it's over. *bites lip just thinking about it* Just promise you won't stop beta-ing when you go back to the Aracnid Side. If that's the only way to keep you here with us, we'll gladly do it. WE LOVE YOU, B!!!!

The teaser is a beaut, sean_montgomery! I can't wait to see more and I adore you for doing it! You made my night with that little pic, Abby! *blows kiss*

Have a good day, all of you! *hugs all around the F-list as well as promises to read and review all of the current V-Day fics the minute ours is done and the new chappie is finished*
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