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Updates and Random Observations

So, as I've been in and out a lot the last few days, I feel the need to inform the general public that:

~ I'm currently looking at my userpics with 192 of my 197 full and have decided that I need more icon space... What, why are you looking at me like that? Stop laughing! I'm serious! :P

~ Had several moments this week when I realized just how grateful for my friends here on LJ for all of their love and support I am. I don't tell you guys often enough, but there are many, many days that the knowledge of you out there and the fact that I'm so loved gets me through the day. Without seeing any of your faces daily, I know that there are people out there rooting for me. And I can never tell you just how much that means.

~ Why in the hell hasn't Willie and Phil been released on DVD, dammit? One of Margot's best films and no one has a damn copy. :P There's no price I wouldn't pay for a DVD of this guy.

~ I am currently listening to The Fray's Never Says Never, Pink's Sober, Uh Huh Her's Dreamer, and Bethany Joy Lenz's Halo in heavy rotation for the current chapter. I'm also rather guiltily listening to If You Seek Amy for my own enjoyment. Sick, sad, and absolutely true.

~ The current chapter started out at over 9,100 words long before we even got the last three scenes on. That said, we were still not going to make it to the beta date in time. Soooo, the good news? We're going to halve the thing and sent this week's chapter off to the betas tonight. You guys will get a chapter this weekend, a chapter next weekend, and a chapter the week after. Yes, the Muse is on the rampage.

~ We will be making a trip to Orlando this weekend of bath bombs. Lush bath bombs. Why, you ask? Didn't I just load up when I met the Amazing Ms. Kidder a little over a month ago? Yes, yes, I did. But, dammit, I work high-end retail with the best customers in the world (note the extremity and sharpness of my snark. You too can have this after three years in the Land of the Rich and Brainless); I need some way to treat myself. And they're discontinuing my favorite bomb, Haaganbath. *pouts* Expect to see us on Saturday, glitter_my_glam ! Warn Karis! *snuggles*

~ Day five of my six-day week is tomorrow. On which I am working outside of Hamon for the fourth days of those six (yes, I only have TWO days out of my week in my own department!)  And if one more idiot decides that it's no big deal to let their toddler run through the Window Treatments room and throw around product all over the floor and tear down $125 silk panels while they shop three rooms up, Anissa is going to have to bail me out. Seriously. Someone remind me why I don't just chuck it all and take a bed-in-a-bag to these damn people? *kicks her idiot customers*

~ I would like to kick a couple of members of PS3 for not only making us wait for more of our Clois, but for making us watch repeats of the Look-At-Me-Try-To-Be-A-Hero Epic!Lana!FAIL that was 'Power'. Excuse me, but are the pro-Lois members of the team trying to set up a 'Lois: Being A Superhero, You're Doing It Right' comparison? ... Hmmm, nevermind that I said anything. Carry on. *evil grin* Still sucks that we have to wait two weeks for more, though. 

~ I have learned through experience earlier this week that Lois and Chloe fans can only agree on two things: we just can't play well together and that we all think that PS3 hasn't been kind to Chlo this year. With the exception of her placement as Watchtower, AKA Oracle. It's actually Barbara Gordon's spot, but isn't Ollie our Bruce these days? And do you see me complaining? Not. At. All. All I complain about is the treatment of the character's main storyline. Oh, IC Chloe, how I miss you! It was so lovely to see you at the end of Hex. I hate to think that this will be the last of you that we see.

~ There's discussion of work starting up on the followup to In Another Lifetime at some point in the next few months. It really just depends on what the next challenge is at 12days_of_clois . Not only that, but we still have to do the final installment of So Close.  Not to mention the fact that we really need to work on something for the Girls over at lanalois4ever.  That's what we get for having such huge projects. Since the necessary angst is going on over in Heirs, we really plan to have a few more happy things floating around. Seriously.

~Noticing that this list is getting very long. Shutting up now. ;)

ETA: ~ I also just realized that it's a bad idea to post when you're tired. Lo, please, spell-check is your friend. *headdesk*

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