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Here Comes The Wank Again...Falling On My Head Like A Memory... *headdesk*

Ooooh-kay. So, it seems that the SV fandom has gone wild over a simple set of icons made by one person. *disgusted sigh* And thus, we turn into the HP and SPN pit of wank. And all over the fact that NONE of us (save the Chloom fans) like the direction that Chloe has taken this year. That said, I'm not choosing sides. I refuse to. That said, I understand why the maker would feel as though it was justified to make them. And yes, the use of the phrase for a Southern hate group may have been a bit overboard, but I can see the comparison. It's the unreasoning hatred that she was trying to pinpoint there, not the actual crimes. Was it taken as being more literal than she meant? Yes. Was it may a bad idea to use that particular group. I'll go with 'maybe'.

There has been a lot of hatred thrown around in the Smallville fandom this last season, especially since Lois and Clark are finally, after four years, starting to realize that they mean something to each other. The Chlarkers aren't happy because, yet again, their pairing has been pushed aside and time is running out. She's slowly distancing herself from all of the other characters on the show as we watch. The Chloe fans are either unhappy about the Chimmy or the Chloom or overjoyed that she's with Davis or furious over her having married Jimmy. Or furious that she's walked out on Jimmy. Or furious that she's with Davis. The only good thing that's really come to them this season is the fact that they're now established Chloe is SV's Oracle, at least for now.  So, let's be honest, they have a right to be frustrated and angry. I mean, we Cloisers have been gritting our teeth over all of the way that they've slighted Lois on over the past four years, especially in the case of Lana.

The only problem becomes when a portion (and I'm being a little generous here; there really is a lot of it) of those frustrated fans take it out on another set of fans. Yes, we went through this with Lois and Lana and the debate still continues. The biggest problem comes down to the fact that Smallville has it's own canon that doesn't always mesh with anything in the 70 years of Superman canon. Which causes a lot of problems. In the comics, Lana and Clark (and actually, it wasn't even Clark; it was always Superboy or Superman) only were paired up in the Silver Age (roughly the 1950s and 1960s) and the shoe was on the other foot (Lana was in love with Clark; Clark only saw her as a friend) in the modern age. They were never a couple. Which makes the Clois fans sigh, although I was not really annoyed by it in the first couple of seasons. It was only when her eye started to wander that I got disgusted with it. It was sweet in the beginning, and made Clark happy, but it should have ended a lot sooner than it did. For both characters' sakes.

And poor Chloe. How can you not feel bad for her? To begin with, she's not canon for any of the Superman universes, which means that they can do anything they want with her without worrying about  canon-backlash. She's also an amalgam for both the reporter side of Lois Lane from all of the 'verses and the comic book Modern Age version of Lana, while SV's version of Lana gets to keep some of her canon, although on a grander scale. And the amount of times that they've been cruel enough to let Chloe indulge in her Clark crush, they've ripped it out of her hands on a brutal scale. THAT is why I don't want Clark with Chloe. He's just so thoughless where she's concerned. She always just gets brushed aside and hurt. And if they were going to place them together, it should have been a season or two ago. At this point, I'd cry foul just because she doesn't deserve to be hurt anymore. That's why the Chlarkers amaze me. He just hurts her when they're even a momentary couple. And she's not Lois; Chloe shouldn't have to be someone else. I really wish that the writers would have pulled her completely out of the Lois/Lana mold as time went on. That said, I'm really enjoying the Oracle thing, although it is putting her in yet another spot that's owned by another character.

I'm not going into the character assassination that has been the whole Davis/Doomsday thing. I think it's an interesting plot device, but it's utterly unfair of them to cast her in this light. That's what all of the dissing icons are about; not Chloe herself, but what they've done to her. Allison has been amazing this season, acting-wise. She's jumped in and played what she's been given to the hilt. Nevertheless, it's been heart-breaking to watch how they're pulling her away from the rest of the cast and in a direction that she never should have been pulled into. It's just so sad.

That said, the whole notion that this fandom can't live and let live over the whole Chloe/Lois debate is just stupid. I really can't understand why the attacks happen, although I'm sure that something similar had to be happening with the Clana fans and the Clois fans. Stepping on canon does tend to get people up in arms and the Lois fans somehow manage to get themselves into trouble up to their ears when they try to defend their pairing because there is so much canon for it. I have been trying the entire time I've been in the fandom to keep my irritation over the Clana to a minimum, mostly because I don't want to be involved in a flame-war. Isn't there some way to all have our opinions without smashing each other.

*headdesk* *heavy sigh*

Okay, I think I've said my piece. Fire away, all.
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