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The Beagle Returns and I Have The Best PR Team In The World!

First off, Ms. Kallie Bagel has made a vast recovery. She's both eaten and drank quite a bit today, slept about fifteen hours all told (and that's an insane amount for her), and has started getting up to her usual up-to-no-good-but-who-cares-because-I'm-so-damn-cute self. She'll be eating boiled chicken and rice for the next few days and her tummy is still healing, but it seems like my baby Bagel is going to be okay. Thanks to everyone who worried over us and her since Saturday. God knows we all needed the love. *snugs*

And in other news, thanks to bistyboo1974 and photofunia, I now have the most excellent PR team in the world! How else can you explain the lengths to which they've gone to promote Heirs for me?


Tags: heirs humor, the authors in rl

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