Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Shhh! Can You Keep A Secret?

I'm just going to post a tiny little teaser from the beginning of our V-Day fic. It involves two of our favorite little plotters and secret-keepers, who aren't so little anymore in this far-in-the-possible-future fic. Read on...

Above: The Angel On the Left Shoulder, The Devil on the Right. (Jason Garen Lane Kent and Kala Lane-Kent at sixteen.) 

            A quick glance of his particular vision revealed Lois inside on the stepladder, reaching for the summer linens.

The same shelf where their father had hidden her Valentine’s Day gift last night…  Jason looked at his twin with wide eyes.  Kala just grinned wickedly, her head cocked, and put her hand on the door.  The black-haired boy watched through it as Lois hauled the box to her. 

Just as she touched the wrapping paper to open it, Kala flung the door wide and yelled, “Mom!”

Tags: oneshot progress updates

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