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*unhappy sigh*

Between the literary world (the fact that I wish people had more trust in me and the plot I'm weaving plus the fact that Lois is in a very gray place and most people aren't understanding why. First people complain about the fluff, now I'm hearing about the angst. *sigh* Heirs is the sequel to LS; what made you think we didn't have a meatier storyline than the opening arc? And this story is about more than just the Clois relationship. Everyone just take a deep breath) and RL (the Bagel is very sick and not at home right now and other assorted family issues that are still being taken care of). I had to come home early today due to this. I just want to curl up and hide somewhere, but I can't sleep. I'm riding on two hours sleep after a long day yesterday and I can't even close my eyes. 

Some one name me one thing that's going right this week? *sighs, growls, and kicks something*

It's no wonder people are avoiding me these days. 

ETA: Some spoilers for Heirs in the thread. Be careful what you read!
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