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"What's Going On? You Don't Sound Like Yourself." (SV 8x17: Hex)

I don't think I'm going to get this review finished before tomorrow night, it was so extensive, but I really don't want to just flush it, so here's what I have:

More than twelve hours later and I'm still chuckling at this. Can they keep this up? Can they? Because I'm now totally willing to blow off all of the stupid from mid-season. Seriously. This was utterly considered a disaster in the making, but all this did was reaffirm my firm belief that Erica and Tom are utterly amazing actor.

The pity party at the beginning for Chloe was a little too emo for a few minutes there, but I can see where it would get to her. Jimmy seems to be out of her life now, Clark didn't show, Lois gets handed an assignment in the middle of her cousin/best friend's birthday party and has to leave, and then Ollie gets called away. It's understandable that she'd be as down as they show her. Nothing's going right for her at all lately (not that I don't agree that she brought all of the Davis/Jimmy stuff on herself. I absolutely stand on Jimmy's side with that, but that doesn't change the fact that she's beaten up by it); and now this. And, in a way, I can also see why she's stressing over Lois' life. We all know that Chloe was originally based on Lois and, to be honest, that is kinda Chloe's life that Lois is leading...because of SV canon. And it really must look pretty beyond awesome from the outside. Can't blame Chloe for the body-swap at all. As an aside, you know how much I loved the 'one year closer to the sweet release of death' line? Scratch that; it's impossible to know. XD

And the reveal the next morning? OMFG! XD The look of horror and confusion was painfully funny, mostly because Erica has Allison's mannerisms down perfect. The lip bite? Priceless.

The fun really begins when Chloe!Lois calls up the real item in Mexico, who immediately knows something is up just by Chlo's tone and the huskiness (despite the fact that Erica is pitching her voice as high as she possibly can), but has no idea what, while trying to dress in her own clothes! Chloe, seriously! It doesn't fit! She's got at least an extra two inches on you! She's sure to have clothes still there at the Talon, even if she's moved out! Seriously, that was probably one of the best gags of the episode for me. The difference between Lois and Chloe's wardrobes is absolutely shocking and something I didn't notice very well until last night. The sweater vest? The jacket? OMG, so Chloe, so not Lois. *dies* 

  It was completely FTW to get to see Lois' world through Chloe's eyes as she walked into the Planet. The greetings and the reminder that she's actually been working on articles, well-recieved and memorable articles at that, made me grin like a fool. And the Jeff  'coffee-and-dry-cleaning'? OMFG, Canon!Jimmy! They really are trying to kill me with the awesome. And poor Chloe trying to get her boundaries? XD Not exactly what you were expecting, huh, Chlo?

And then when she finally runs into Clark? *dies* You can absolutely see the "OMG, since when are you this mean?" look on her face! And speaking of looks, did anyone at all miss the way he grinned when he first saw her in the bullpen? Very subtle, Clark! *snicker* I can't even go into how awesome the interaction was during the Chloe!Lois/Clark scene, especially since I was just as off-balance as he was, expecting the usual snark despite knowing it was supposed to be Chloe in there. And I just have to ask: exactly what did Lois call Clark five times for?

And I think Clark is totally right in his thoughts on the Chimmy: there are two sides to all stories and it seems like Ms. Sullivan may not have been entire honest with Mr. Kent about what's been going on in her life lately. And, to be honest, I think we can all see why. I mean, it really does look like most of it is Chloe's fault. Her reaction, though, was pitch-perfect. We all know it would be pretty disconcerting to hear the truth about what our friends think about our decisions without a filter. And the on-going painful laughter over Clark's confusion makes me insanely happy. OMG, he's so adorable. "Start your engines...Smallville." XD Wow, totally out of her element.

And the catch and the Dazzled!Clark? *flails, dies* That was SO FREAKIN' HILARIOUS! The look on Clark's face made it all too clear just how he feels about our Ms. Lane, even if he's trying to keep it under wraps. Good thing Lois wasn't really in there at that time, huh? So much for not getting involved. And the 'You just never looked at me like that before' line? XD Priceless. Take that, Chlarkers!

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