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*Does Her Flash Impression*

Between trying to get this monster-sized opening to Act II finished in time for the betas and the sheer amount of work at my job, I'm starting to forget what it's like to have a life! Been getting up two hours early every morning this week just to keep ahead of the onslaught. OMG, I'm so tired! And I don't even get to relax on my day off.

The good news? I really love what we have on the chapter thus far. And I really love what we have planned for the rest of the fic. This isn't going to be a rest-on-your-laurels (no pun intended ;) ) fic anymore, folks, and that was the way we planned it all along. This chapter is going to be massive, but worth it, if I do say so myself. We had to move two big set-pieces to next chapter, but it will work out just as well that way. :D So at least that's going right.

Just give me until the weekend, all, and things should be back to normal in Lois-Land.

I hope.

Miss you all like crazy!
Tags: heirs progress report, work suckage

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