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Dammit, Jim!

How the hell is it that I manage to have the pleasure of getting a combo of Anissa, Brian, and Joe's colds? And on a week when I work four days straight and have a month's worth of freight delivered? HOW?!?!

*growls under her breath, which turns into a coughing fit*

This is what I get for having to pass up salads and Propel and oranges for a week.


ETA: Okay, the five-minute coughing fits and the deluge of mucus in my head and throat brought about a frustrated fit of crying, which lead to Anissa calling me in forcibly. ...I really didn't want to do it. Too many people at my job pull a fast one just because it's that day of the week. I don't want to be counted amongst them. I HATE calling in. Especially when someone's counting on me. The only good thing is that it seems like the freight truck isn't going to be in today. Thank God for small favors.

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