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How Far We've Come (SV 8x15: Infamous)

After the gut-wrenching and nerve-wracking mess that was the ZOMG!FATED!CLANA arc, this little gem was a welcome surprise. I've been excited over what the previews had been showing since Lois disappeared after Bride and it was a good antidote to what we've been put through.

There are so many little moment that blew me away, but the least of which was the performances of both Erica and Tom. OMG, this is why they need to let Tom decide the direction of the show more! Lois couldn't have been more perfectly in character if she tried. My God, Erica was channelling Reeveverse so much, I couldn't stop grinning. From the opening scene with a furious Lois and a repentant Clark in the rain to the angsty sweetness of Clark's expression in the final scene. And as for Thank-God-That's-Over, did you notice a certain name and face were totally removed from the recap? ;)

I hadn't expected to feel so much for Clark in the opening scene, especially after the idiocy that was the Lana arc. And especially since I really did want her to confront him about the stupidity he showed, but I found myself wanting him to be able to explain himself. And poor Lois; she leaves in such turmoil and has been gone (thankfully) through the utter insanity we all just lived through for the last five episodes and the month and a half that followed. I really think he was lucky he didn't get whacked. No, sir, that wasn't just because he forgot her; I get the feeling she been told a little of what's been up. I really do wonder what his 'emergency' was that time; they never did say.

And Linda Lake/Tori Spelling? *rolls eyes* Plz to not be doing this any more, Y/Y? Seriously. The stunt-casting for the lose. The only thing I truly hated about the episode. :P Although 'Little Orphan Alien'? Very L&C and cheesy, but actually pretty funny.

Loved the Clark and Chloe scene, especially since he's so confident. OMG. And the 'I'm Clark Kent' thing made me nervous. Secret Identity is good. Said Secret Indentity keeps people from getting dirt on you and gives you a life. But I love just how open he is here. And happy. OMFG, HAPPY! I haven't seen him like this since before Lana came around... Oh, yeah that's right! He was with Lois. ;) Chloe did have a point: Moving A Little Too Fast. Then again, when you consider how long it's taken him to get here... Who am I to argue?

The whole Telling Lois sequence? OMFGSQUEEINGMYASSOFF!!!!!!!! Where do I even get started? CANON, SWEET SWEET CANON! Well, not perfectly, especially in the setup, but :D From the snarky banter to the look of hope on his face while he tried to work up his guts to Lois' cynical chuckle at poor Clark's nervous confession, I was on cloud nine, but the best part didn't actually occur until they went to the supply closet (as all of the LS fans chuckle). Her denials were perfect right up until the moment she couldn't reach the copy paper. After that, I couldn't breathe. Lois' reaction was perfection, absolute perfection, as was the much-touted 'catch'. The starry-eyed expression on both their faces just hurt my heart.

The Pre-Interview questioning wasn't what I expected, but then again, we knew that they wouldn't go exactly with any one version of what's always been canon. I have to say that I loved the way that they made this with so many asides to the movieverse canon while still keeping it very SV. There were so many good lines in that scene, I can't even narrow them down. And the look in her eyes throughout this was amazing. Soooo my Lois, caught between the awe of being confronted with a real hero and the fact that she's already fallen for him. It's like having your cake and eating it, too, which we all know she'll get to do in the end. ;) ...the having both, I mean. Geez, now I'm doing it! *blush*

And the way that Clark braces himself for telling the truth and then the relief it seems to give him to tell her. Again, he looks happy to tell her. He always looked so miserable before. Always so worried that someone would be afraid, even with Chloe. And it seems like the experience is just surreal for Lois. She never looks afraid at all, which is absolutely canon. :D From the "You're speechless. That's never good." to "What guns do you have in your arsenal?" to the "Wait, rewind...expand on your whole 'see through things' thing," while trying to hide her chest and his completely precious and flusted reaction, this was a balm against all the the heartbreak we Cloisers have been put through for years. Not even going to talk about the double-entendres; you should all have caught those. He wins serious bonus points for the 'There's no better reporter to tell my story than you. Will you do me the honor?", as does Lois for the "Consider it done." And the fact that he told her that he's an alien and she doesn't care? F*cking CANON FOR THE WIN!! YES!!! *victory arms* HELL YES!!!

The day after was so hysterical, but you could see the frenzy coming on. This, my darling boy, is why you at least need a Secret Identity; that way they only accost you in costume. ;) Although the little boy? So sweet he made my teeth ache.

I'm really starting to feel for Davis again, although he's never been one of my favorite characters. Can you imagine how terrifying this has to be for him, especially since he really isn't a bad guy. The effects they're using on him are fantastic! As bad as I'll feel for him, I can't wait to see what the rest of the season has to show us!

And you knew that the paranoia and guilt would start. Poor Martha; totally neglected for most of the season and Clark only talks to Ma when she's put on forcible leave. WTH? Then 'why can't he save everyone' cry always goes up. He's no god, folks. A hero, but not a god. Something that Jor-El does occasionally forgets. And then the government and their usual BS. I have news: you guys have no idea what you're up against. Seriously. And that's funny: I had forgotten that the Legion ring could turn back time. Duh. ...then again, keep in mind that Clark could have done that when Lana was infected with the kryptonite. And he didn't. Didn't even think about it.

The 'Oh, hell no!' when she's confronted with Linda Lake's DP front page story was pure Lois Lane, along with the fury she showed again made me love Erica's performance more than ever. That focused rage is exactly what makes that character who she is. Operation: Wild Cherry had damn well better work because I want as much Lois as possible next season, based only on this episode. The dialogue between she and Linda was great, Lois' speech making me so proud. And the moment in Tess' office? XD That's a General's daughter for you! Doesn't. Even. Blink.

Let's not even get started about the barn scene. It's amazing just how comfortable they are with each other. That little interlude made it more clear than ever before why they're destined for each other, his need to protect her and her need to fight for him. I teared up so bad during their conversation and was just waiting to be crushed, only to be awed and amazed. This is the first time I've ever seen the two of them this open with each other. And the fact that they were talking about their relationship in veiled terms, which yet again, is canon. I've never been so willing to believe. They can make it. They can and they will. The fight between Clark, Linda, and Lois was awesome not only because she kicked ass without even thinking about it to protect Clark, but didn't even bat an eyelash at the kryptonite. All things point to the fact that she's The One. Too bad the BDA decided to zoom off to save the day before Lois got to tell him what was up with the scary that will be the end of the Chloom. Although I have to say that he did have the benefit of fixing the screw-up in missing picking Lois up. There is that perk. And Davis got to kill Linda Lake! Everyone yell "YAY!!!!" ;)

And can I get a HELL YEAH for back-in-character Chloe, even if it may only be for an episode? :D The whole 'recap-for-Chloe' was made of awesome in that maybe this will make him decide that dual identities wouldn't be a bad thing and that he really can be with Lois and have it all. It won't be an easy road, but it will be a hell of a lot more rewarding for him than things have been up to now. And saying that, I'm not irate with him at the end of the episode. It's not an easy road for them, it never has been and never will be. And he's scared to death for multiple reasons, not the least of which is that this relationship is not like any other he's ever had and he's so out of his depth. Also, I think that the deepness of his attachment to her scares him pretty badly. Neither of them are quite ready yet, but we at last know that it's not a lack of feeling on Clark's part when he's being pretty honest about it to Chloe. He loves her now just as much as she does him. Chloe has a point; he was hurt over and over again by his relationship with Lana. He's afraid of having it happen all over again with Lois. But now he at least knows how she feels. There's still time for them.    

That said, I loved it. Top to bottom, up and down and sideways. I can't wait to see what comes next. :D And can someone tell me what the song that played on the end of the episode was? I really like it.
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