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A Little Amazed, A Little Harried, And More Than A Little Heartbroken...

This weekend just blurred by! I can't remember very much from Thursday on. And I'm terribly far behind on everything, but I will say this:

As to the rumors of two deaths by the season finale...
Most of us are thinking it to be Chloe and Davis, especially due to the huge rumors of Doomsday playing a huge part in the what-has-to-be cliffie for the season. Me, I think Chloe would be too obvious. And since it's the season finale, why couldn't they kill Clark, guys? I mean, it's not like they can't play off the fact that it's been months when they come back in September. And that gives Lois and the rest of the cast enough time to deal with what has happened, although it can't be EPIC the way the original is. I'm not sure where my money is right now, although I can see Davis Bloome being the best contender. And I'm in denial that they would take Tess. I'll be homicidally pissed if they take Tess.

And the rest of the spoilers I've been seeing are amazing! Not sure just how they're going to handle the Clois, but she'd better be right in the midst of the finale. There's not any good reason that she shouldn't be. And you get the most mileage out of his having been gone. But then again, look at what happened the last time I tried to figure out what they were up to. I came up with a better plausible storyline than they did. Here's hoping it's as good as it could be with the TC2 running the season next year instead of the PS3. :D

ETA (for the above): I stand corrected! XD So those two losses will take. ...hmmm... Okay, I think I'll be forced to agree with the rest of fandom. But I like my idea better. *crosses arms and pouts*

And then we went to see Watchmen on Saturday night. It's been years since I read the trade and I still remembered some of the details, but the pure gorgeousness on the images kept me pretty breathless throughout.

And the sense of history that you get is amazing, especially in that you can see all the work that went into Dr. Manhattan there on screen. And the way you slowly understood what was going on in the opening credits as the story went on. The uber-nerd in me wants to know all of it, the entire back story behind the original 'Minutemen'. I don't feel like I got to know them well enough, but then again, they could fit much more in with it being an almost three hour movie. I really loved Dan, but since he's Clark with Bruce's money and gadgets. But although, the story was amazing, the film is still on my mind.

Despite it being a superhero film, this wasn't mindless brain-candy for me the way some are. There's a lot of things, serious and grim things, going on in that film and I really want to stew over it before doing a more in-depth review. And I want to add that no one should have to go through a viewing of that film with an eight-year-old girl sitting next to her, especially with the graphic subject matter in that film! I felt like such a creep sitting next to her while the Comedian/Sally scene was going on, the child-killer, any scene with Rorschach's mother, the graphic death scenes, and the Daniel/Laurie scence in Archimedes. No child under the age of sixteen should see that film, but I know that sounds very old-school of me. Forgive me if I'm still protective. I'll have to go see it again at a late showing so I feel less weird. But the film was first-rate.

And I have to just have a moment here to have a little sendoff to one of my favorite shows, although they've done some pretty lousy out-of-character things to their cast this year. A bittersweet goodbye to The L Word after six seasons. Some of the storylines from this season were just barely believable, but they did manage to get the long-awaited Shane and Jenny pairing in there, despite Ilene's twisting their story for the sake of drama. We deserved better and so did they. That said, Jenny Schecter, I shall miss you madly. You were the girl I was best able to identify with and you were never understood as well as you should have been. Thank God for Shane. Rest in peace, darling. I can't imagine my Sunday nights without you and Shane.

And last but not least, I have ditzyfish to thank for this video of twenty-two-year-old Margot on Dick Cavett! Head over to RV and check it out!
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