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LS Update!!!

YES!!!  We have finished Playing with Fire and it's in Barbara's inbox now.  5,003 words, nine pages, and we cut it a wee bit short because it was 6 AM and we were exhausted.  Will pick up the next scene in chapter 30, Everything Burns.

Also, the Valentine's Day ficlet is two pages long and 856 words.  You guys are going to laugh your heads off at the first scene...

Oh, and like you didn't already guess, this is Anissa aka Maryse aka SRWidow.  A password thief has to use many aliases.

Anyway, I need to shut up because I have approximately the IQ of a roadkilled chipmunk at this hour...  I shall leave you with a sneak preview of Playing with Fire.

Jason ignored Kala’s grumbling. Privately, he sometimes thought that some of the things she claimed to hear were imagined. At least the conversations of kids in other schoolrooms had to be made up; nobody could hear that, nobody except Superman. 
That was who he’d drawn and was now coloring. Finding the exact right shade of blue for his uniform had been hard, but the rest of the drawing had gone pretty well, and Jason was happy with it. Maybe Nana would put this one up on the fridge; he didn’t want to bring it home. Daddy had been pretty unhappy every time anyone mentioned Superman lately. That made everybody else unhappy, and Jason wished the grownups could act more, well, grown-up. They were supposed to be in control of things, not arguing like two kids with one toy.

Good night, everyone.  We're going to bed.
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