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05 March 2009 @ 12:30 am
It's A Little Late In The Game To Be Angry (SV Spoilers)  
Yes, I've read the spoilers. Yes, I'm more than a little annoyed. Yes, I think we'll have issues with the finale. But I've made my peace with the fact that I likely won't entirely enjoy Smallville until next year. I get the feeling that they would have given us a much more satisfying ending to the season if it had truly been the end of the series. Now they have to set up a storyline to start off Season 9, which means that they'll be forced to tear off parts that they originally intended for a epic ending. Dammit. It sucks, but you know what? Next season we have the Clois half of PS3 to ourselves. I think I can wait for my happy ending. ;)
On the Verge of: hopefulhopeful
Rache: SV - Lois Smilesparkled_pink on March 5th, 2009 06:02 am (UTC)
I am sooo excited for season 9!! I know this operation wildcherry is going to make a great impact too! :D

I am also sad about the finale. It seems like they are getting way too far in depth with the chloe/doomsday plot.
Grace: SG1; Space Pyramidsrepmetsyrrah on March 5th, 2009 06:14 am (UTC)
As you know, I'm not a huge Smallville fan (although I'm pretty sure I'll be downloading Infamous when it comes out) but to me this really sounds like they're just being greedy, yes they could end the series fantastically and with a bang that will have people remembering it for years to come... or they could just bang out another 22 eps and make more money.

Same thing happened with Superman III and IV, Spiderman III in my opinion. Hopefully they'll do what Stargate did when they unexpectedly got two more seasons after an epic finale and somehow make it even more awesome.
Ashley: [SV] Chloe awkward!facestarrylites on March 5th, 2009 06:34 am (UTC)
Why do you have the coolest Stargate icons ever?

Dang it, I need the space pyramid. And maybe we should be friends, haha.

This is ridiculous, but Lois will appreciate it, because I pulled the "we should be friends" on her on one of my fic posts really a pathetically short time ago.

Edited at 2009-03-05 06:34 am (UTC)
Grace: SG1; Awesome; Jackrepmetsyrrah on March 5th, 2009 06:49 am (UTC)
Because I have no life and therefore spend all my time trawling the internet for icons...

Yeah, so that would be funny if it weren't true...

Also, I'm awesome :P

And, yes we should :D I love your fic and your icons therefore it stands to reason I will like you too!
Ashley: [Stargate] John walkingstarrylites on March 5th, 2009 06:53 am (UTC)
Yay! I'm glad we rectified that silly situation.

And it's okay. I'm the one that when I can't find the icons I want, I go make them, which sometimes ends up being more time consuming.

P.S. I love your fic, too, I just fail in the commenting department (which is terrible of me. I'm working on getting better, really)
Ashley: [supes] Lois super closestarrylites on March 5th, 2009 06:31 am (UTC)
I went looking for the spoilers because I hadn't seen them yet.

My relationship with Smallville is so love/hate it's not funny, and I decided a long time ago to just love the episodes that deserve love and ignore the rest. I can't even count the number of times I've pulled out the season six set, watched Hydro, Justice, Crimson, and Noir, and put it away. I've practically forgotten the rest of the season six arch, and I"m okay with that.

So they're letting us down...again. They aren't going to keep all their promises...again. We get season 9, Lana is officially out of the way, and we're now settled at the Daily Planet. Let Clois rule.

And as long as we get even half as many awesome episodes as we did the first half of this season, I'll be happy.
Loony Loopy Lea Lovegoodchickadilly on March 5th, 2009 06:53 am (UTC)
We get season 9, Lana is officially out of the way, and we're now settled at the Daily Planet. Let Clois rule.

Unless the rumors that KK wants to come back are true ...


I wish I had more optimism - the past two episodes kind of killed it. Wah.
Ashley: [SV] clois - swept off my feetstarrylites on March 5th, 2009 06:56 am (UTC)
It's not my fault KK left and made a terrible movie.


I really have nothing against KK, just what SV did to Lana, and therefore did to Clark in the process.

I wouldn't be so optimistic if it weren't for me going for optimism everywhere at the moment...ha.
Loony Loopy Lea Lovegoodchickadilly on March 5th, 2009 06:58 am (UTC)
It's not my fault KK left and made a terrible movie.

hahahaaaa - SO TRUE!

And yeah - I don't have anything against her personally but ... SV totally screwed Lana's character and as you say Clark as well.

I guess we'll see.
Ashley: [SW] trimming the death starstarrylites on March 5th, 2009 07:04 am (UTC)
I was so sad when the tomatometer on rotten tomatoes went up to 6% from 0%, although I was amused that one of them just thought Kristin was hot and the other enjoyed it because it was bad, so that's just as good as 0%


Yes, we'll see.

Star Wars comes to mind.

Gunray: You assume too much.

Amidala: We'll see.


Only in that case, Padmé kicked butt in the end and I'm not so sure we'll get that chance.


*obviously needs to find something to do other than spam Lois about Stargate and Star Wars*

Edited at 2009-03-05 07:04 am (UTC)
Loony Loopy Lea Lovegoodchickadilly on March 5th, 2009 07:06 am (UTC)
Part of me was hoping that movie would actually do well so she would make so much money and wouldn't want to come back .. but it just looked terrible so I knew that wouldn't happen. LOL

Hee *waves to Lois* Sorry for the spam, dear. :D
the_scary_kittythe_scary_kitty on March 5th, 2009 06:43 am (UTC)
Hmm, I haven't even seen the spoilers yet, and I think I'm not going to go looking. I've been trying to stay mostly spoiler-free this season... I'll read the little TV Guide-style summaries just to know what the episode is about, and find out who's going to be guest starring, but that's about it. And I think I've been enjoying this season a lot more because of it. That said, I'm rather annoyed that they're going to break things up just to extend it. I went through that already with Stargate Atlantis screwing up more than one of my favorite characters in the last two seasons, and I'm hoping that doesn't happen with SV.
Obsessed fangirl: SV - Lois and Clark adorkablebabettew54 on March 5th, 2009 02:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you, hon! I think it's frustrating to fans after such an amazing start to the season, and to have the Clois just basically end for what, almost 4 months now! I's aggravating and disheartening to say the least.

But I like your thinking. They had to pull something else together. The Clois can't happen now. They have 22 episodes to write for next season, which (hopefully) will have all the Clois we want and more. I can be patient! *waiting and hoping*!! *huggles*