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Well, We Have Good News And Bad News...

The good news? Last week's chapter is going to be on time when we post this weekend as promised. The bad news? You're getting more bang for your buck with two smaller chapters with an interim coming next weekend.



Yes, that's the bad news. Extra reading for you. *looks around* Seriously. That's bad news.


Stop rolling your eyes at me.

Chapter Ten, Turkey and Tinsel, is just around 4,500 words and eight pages. Chapter Eleven is ...And the Typical Trouble and it's around 5,400.  And this will close out Act One. The interim chapter will follow next weekend, followed by Five Minutes to Midnight either the same weekend or our next posting week. I'll be adjusting the title setups to reflect what's next soon, so don't be alarmed if the 'Act One' title appears some place. I'm just setting things up for Act Two. :D

Everyone ready to keep their eyes and ears wide open? Good, because you all remember LS' subtitle, don't you? Nothing is ever what it seems.
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