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One Last Funny Just Before We Walk Out The Door

I dropped a pretty good wad of cash on an outfit and a few seperates from Norma Kamali to choose from when I met Margot. At an hour to go before we leave, I realize that the outfit is waaaaay too formal and the weather has changed, so I can't wear the other two pieces I I brought. And I decided this an hour before we left....


So, I'm meeting Margot Kidder in street clothes. Dressed like Kala. In a t-shirt that says' I'm Only Wearing Black Until They Make Something Darker' and a spring-green embroidered peasant skirt.

*another epic!headdesk*


And I wanted to look normal. *EPIC!FAIL*

*LOL* And off we go!
Tags: lois is a moron, margot, the authors in rl

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