Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Once Again, Listerine To The Rescue...

Okay, I think we've all had all of the Crackville Lana we can handle for the moment. For those of us that just can't take anymore, I have the cure. Keep it in mind that these are purely for entertainment and that it's only aimed in the direction of the comics and Crack-Lana. I can forgive my Lana. Not taking the other version out on her.

Anti-Lana-Mastercard: Priceless.

Anti-Lana-Oops, I Did It Again-Children of Bodom (a Moment or two of language)
by twinsproductionscl

Anti-Lana-Every Day I Love You Less And Less
by our own Louise

Anti-Lana-Drowning Pool-Bodies
Another Brilliant Louise MacGregor vid

Anti-Lana-Pinky and The Brain
I Love You, Louise!!!

Pool Scene and Other Anti-Lana
by SweetPadme614

There now. Don't you feel better? XD 


Tags: mommy doesn't like that girl, smallville videospam

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