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Bring Me The TUMS!

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“Well, one hour before go time. I am now ___ oh my god, not an hour. I'm losing my mind. *2* hours before time. I got up early, I only got about 4 hours to sleep. Not looking too bad, I'm a nervous wreck, I can't stop giggling to myself and sick to my stomach and oh God, I'm gonna be fine, I'm gonna be perfectly fine. Those of you that you know occasionally thinking that I'm anything less than flustered at any point in time, this will be a time to definitely be proof. I'm gonna be fine, I will be perfectly fine, I will, I told 'Nissa I will probably be wound up until the moment we walk up to her and I'll probably surprise everybody by being completely dead calm or whatever, the way I was with Don Francks and Matt Ferguson at Nikita-Con. I don't know, 2 hours, 2 hours, after something like 15 years and now is finally happening in 2 hours. Whatever happens, Anissa and I plan to get a ton of writing done tonight. So again wish me luck guys, here we go. Next time you hear from me, we will have gone to the convention hall and will have met her. I will probably come back to LJ with a posted starts out at about 3-4 minutes of giggling, following by oh my god, oh my god, oh my god. Alright, this is it, I love you all. I will probably talk to you in about 2 or 3 hours. Bye.”

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