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Dear Week, Please Get A Move On

Okay, so it really sucks that I'm out of Harmon and in the store proper for two days this week (Sunday and Monday; I'm on Softside, where I worked about two years ago, with all of the bath and bed stuff) when the head of the SE comes on Thursday and I'm going to have to make sure that Harmon is beauty beyond compare by Wednesday night. THANK GOD I leave for our little sanity trip and Margot on Friday. Drinks will be had by all when I arrive home that night.

That said, five more days until Orlando and Margot! I have to admit, I'm getting nervous again. Is it completely insane at this point to start worrying again that she won't like me? *hides face* And I absolutely have to stop worrying about this since we have a chapter to get out! *headdesk*

Until tomorrow, here's something for both my Disney-loving and SV-longing friends:

SUSIEL86's SV Fairytales series:

'Enchanted' Melody

Beauty and the Beast

And something to tide us over until Infamous

Tags: margot, smallville videospam, the authors in rl

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