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I Need A Permanent 'Never Get Sick Again' Pill

Dear To-Whom-It-May-Concern Amongst The Well-Heeled Colds, Viruses, and Multitude of Diseases,

I believe that I've met my quota of the above. Please avoid contacting me for the rest of the year. I have too much to do and too many friends to whom I owe reviews and replies to be derailed for almost a week again.

No love,

*sigh* Almost over the first half of this stupid cold. The nasal congestion is finally tolerable, but now it's in my throat and chest. At least I'm up and around. Anissa is just now starting to get it, so it still bites. The good news? We're back to work on writing, although illness has ruined the last three days, writing-wise. And being so close to a plot point, it makes me crazy to be too sick to even think. However, we did manage to get this week's Heirs chapter out and posted Little Secrets: An Echo of Legend at 12days_of_clois for the Valentine's Day Challenge. So that's not so bad, no?

It also seems that I'm missed out on all the hoopla over the first Infamous trailer. :D Okay, so it has to be AU or a dream, especially since someone's real name is very obviously mentioned on several signs in a promo. Now, if that's the case, I hope this to be Clark's dream. Good way to show how he feels sub-conciously without making things move too fast. And if that is the case, I absolutely want Clark shocked and amazed by these obvious revelations. Could be SOOO much fun.

Let me send a belated Happy Love-Fest day to all of my beloved F-List. I know I've been slacking a lot lately and I've let a lot of the Family down with late replies and not so many comments on entries, but it's not from a lack of love or not wanting to do so. Between work and being sick and having had the in-laws here, life is just getting away from me. I promise to get better and get out of my LJ more often. I really do read every entry lately, it's just that replies haven't been so plentiful. I really hope all of you had a good V-Day.

The only good thing to come for this cold is I'm caught up to my movie and book list, which means I'm finally going to start posting my entries.

001: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Yes, it was a remake. Yes, Keanu Reeves was as wooden as he could possibly be (although it is a good thing in this instance). Yes, I'm a bit biased about this film because of Jennifer Connelly being in the cast. BUT I really wanted to see this film when it was announced and I wasn't disappointed. This was another film that attempted to put a mirror up to our faces and show us the toll that we are taking on the Earth. And Jaden Smith? That child definitely has a future has a future as bright as his daddy. All in all, absolutely worth the giftcard I got at Christmas. I would have even spent cash money on it.

002: The Other Boleyn Girl

Dubiously shy on actual history, and merciless on Anne herself, it was an entertaining film nonetheless. That said, I haven't read the book, but now I'm curious to do so, if only to read the inaccuracies. Mary Boleyn is quite often overlooked in the history books, but I think they went overboard trying to make her sound like a innocent heroine when her actions are very much a gray area. That said, the film was pretty interesting. The costumes were beautiful, the level of acting was much better than I would have expected (then again, look at the cast. No surprise), and all in all, a good way to waste two hours of a rainy Saturday afternoon.

003: Coraline

I first read this as a book when it was first published and was hopelessly in love with this little girl. The beauty of this story is that most of us have been there when we were children; forced to move to a new place far away from our friends and all that we love, parents who don't seem to have time for you and have a general disinterest in what you do. And didn't you long for something different? A world in which everything you want or have ever wanted is yours for the asking... or even given before you ask. The film is visually stunning, full of humor and snark, although it is just a tad scary and the humor in one section just a little too adult for younger kids, but a moving picture-book. Absolutely recommend this one.

004: 30 Days of Night

All. About. The. Atmosphere. The small town of Barrow, in the northern-most corner of the U.S., is preparing for the annual month of darkness when they beginning to notice the appearance of strangers in their midst. Generally I don't go for vampire films that show what Anissa and I call 'hunter POV', but I read the comic years ago and was impressed by the storyline. And I have to say that it captured the spirit of the cmic series to perfection. You're never given enough time to care too deeply for more than three of the leads, but the end is a heartbreaker. And it will honestly chill you. And that's saying a lot, coming from the horror-film junkie.

005: The Feast of All Saints

Set in nineteenth-century New Orleans, the story depicts the gens de couleur libre, or the Free People of Colour, a dazzling yet damned class caught between the world of white privilege and black oppression. Being the history junkie I am, and a Southerner to boot, it goes without saying that I've been curious about this world for quite some time. As it's based on an Anne Rice novel, I can see that none of you are surprised, but the truth is that I've never read the book and first heard about this miniseries long before now. We actually didn't have cable just after it was first announced, so I missed it and I haven't seen it replayed since this last week. The shame of it is that I caught the last hour of the second part first, not knowing that it was a two-parter. Then I recorded what I thought was the whole film...only to get Night One. *headdesk* Now it's replaying on Friday and I'm going to get the whole thing. I really love the story of these children; I so feel for how their mixed race causes so many complications in their lives. Never to be fully part of either side of their world.

005 / 100 books. 5% done!

001: Duma Key

Edgar Freemantle barely survives a horrific on-site accident where his truck was struck and crushed by a runaway crane. Freemantle's right arm is amputated, unfortunately, and the head injuries he sustained cause Edgar to have problems with speech, vision, and memory. Because of the excruciating pain resulting from the accident and the subsequent recovery, Edgar also has violent mood swings and thoughts of suicide. He decides to rent a beach house on Duma Key, a (fictional) island off the west coast of Florida, after reading about it in a travel brochure.

As time passes, Edgar finds that his now missing arm itches when he is struck by the urge to sketch, and eventually paint. Soon, however, Edgar is stunned to realize that he is drawing things he shouldn't know, and that his art has great power on Duma Key.

This book is such an amazing and surreal read. Stephen King has always been one of my favorite authors, although the feel of his novels have changed over the years from hardcore gore and terror to a more psychological horror. This book is filled with characters that could easily be your friend, your neighbor. Edgar, Elizabeth Eastlake, and Wireman will have a place in your mind and heart long after you put this book down. And maybe, just maybe it will teach you a better way to live your life.

002: Lasher

Okay, so you really need to have read The Witching Hour before diving head-first into this gigantic atmospheric tome or you'll be completely lost. And the subject matter is not everyone's cup of tea, but no one can deny the luscious vision of this novel, the description so lush that one should have to diet after reading this. And the sheer weight of history Anne provides us with makes me read and reread the Lives of the Mayfair Witches books. They are not good people, the Mayfairs, but they are fascinating and it's not difficult to see eye-to-eye with at least one of the members of this hugely-extended family. I absolutely recommend it, but be warned that you will seriously question morals from the start. This series intends to shock and does an admirable job.

003: Haunting Sunshine: Ghostly Tales of Florida's Shadows

A small-press book that we picked up in St. Augustine on one of our many daytrips down there, it tells of ghost stories located here in the Sunshine State. Amongst the tales is Spook Hill in Lake Wales, the highly-haunted Watson Place outside of Everglades City, and the Ghost of Alpha Paynter at Jacksonville's own Homestead Resturant. 58 updated ghost stories from a well-known and well-respected doctor who has spent his whole life here in Florida, I really enjoyed this little book. Very realistically written and totally believible.

004: Bag of Bones

If a book could be the love of your life, this book would be mine. The tale of Mike Noonan and his trials went straight to my heart from the first page and burrowed ever deeper as I read along. This is the story of an author whose furnace of creativity is blow out, seemingly forever, by the sudden death of his wife. But her death raises a few questions. Particularly disquieting to Mike is that his wife had just bought a home pregnancy test, but never revealed the pregnancy to him. As his agent and publisher begtin to rattle at his door for his nect novel, we discover that Mike, like most writers, has built up a store of novels (or stories) that he's kept aside for a possible bout of 'writer's block'. Four years after Jo's death, the same year he publishes the last of his stockpile of work, Mike begins to experience nightmares set at his summer house in TR-90, an unregistered township in Maine. He decides to confront his fears and moves to the house, known to locals as "Sara Laughs".

From the moment you meet Mike's 'girlfriend' on the TR, Kyra, you will lose your heart to this story of love, loss, the power of memory, and the ghosts lurking close behind the everyday and the mundane. You will laugh, cry, and stand in wonder once the reading is done. Even readers who normally shy away from Stephen's 'scary novel' came come to love the beautiful gem that is this tale. I most certainly do.

004 / 100 books. 4% done!

Okay, so I think that's enough of an update for today! Sooo good to be home!
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