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Wow, Has It Really Been Two Days Since My Last Post?

I didn't realize that I've been this remiss. *LOL* This happens when you have one on-going series, are working on a oneshot for V-Day that is just awesome and canon!epic and naughty (so I say myself), and are trying to generate interest in another pair of AU 'verses for a new comm. Said 'verses will be linked here in the LJ, but they will not be for everyone. Yes, some femslashy-ness has crept into our portfolio, but I will keep it tasteful and it's on its own LJ so I don't make anyone uncomfortable. There will be warnings on the links, but it makes life a little easier for readers to know when we have updates over there. Hope this isn't a problem for any of my regular readers, especially since I'm trying my hardest to keep this under wraps. *hugs in advance*

And on top of all of this, let's not mention work. *makes face* Hours are going back up, but customer attitudes at the job are just awful. Retail is no place to be working during a recession; then again, it's the only place that's slightly safe. Other than gas stations. Harmon is still going pretty well, thefts not as crazy now that we're in the room more often, but the surliness of the customers makes it difficult to keep a clear head and a smile on your face. Slammed into by two customers who think it's your fault they did it and nearly ran over by cart is bad enough, but people who make up discounts when there's no sign to back that up and getting told you're rude when you have to cross in front of someone and don't say 'excuse me' loud enough to make them satisfied make it hard to keep yourself from screaming. Yesterday was obviously a full moon. I just have to keep telling myself, "At least I have a job...At least I have a job..." I miss the days when my job was a nice place to be and you didn't have to keep looking over your shoulder. :P Go away, recession!

In other news, as disgusted as I am by the awful that was winter's Lana Butt-Kissing Showcase Arc, I'm being seduced into holding on and holding out for canon. SV, you had better make this good. And the reason I trust in Hex is because Mr. Welling is directing, God bless his Clois-loving soul. Very excited about Infamous, but not sure how it will go down. Can they make it epic and believable? I believe in Tom and Erica, but I want to be as enchanted as I was with Chris and Margot. Can Clark redeem himself enough for me to love him again? It remains to be seen. A part of me really wants to see what I can come up with for a bridge-piece to Infamous, but Smallville isn't really my forte.

Also saw the better pic of the Chris Superman statue at the Comic Con. I will own him. I will. Even if I spend the summer broke as hell. Isn't he beautiful? Mine, mine, mine! *laughs at self* This is my happy for today.

Get well snuggle-kisses for poor januaried, who's feeling terribly under the weather. My poor sweetheart! Don't you know that it's my job to be the constantly sick one on this F-List? *hugs*

Much love to autumnrae for all the prettahs that she's been making me for the girls. You are beyond awesome and I love you to bits for them! *tacklehugs* And babettew54, I swear I am going to get over there to review those icons. I just keep running out of time the last few days! Too much time out of the house and not enough in it. *kicks RL* Why can't there be more hours in the day? *makes face at it*

For those curious, the latest chapter is heading to beta tonight. Keep your eyes peeled for three chapters from now. All I'm saying, other than we've got three pages of notes written at The Loop Pizza Grill on Saturday and more at Denny's later in the evening. *evil grin*

To those that are just watching on Twitter, I miss you! *hugs* I had wondered where half of the F-List disappeared to.

*goes to get dressed and ready for work* Maybe, if I feel up to it, Anissa and I can roast marshmellows and hotdogs for dinner when we get home. We're starting to use that firebowl and I have to say that I like it pretty well. Enough so that it made it into the current chapter and I now have two plot bunnies for Rewriting Destiny. XD Not bad for an hour of my time and some tree litter, huh?

Love you, all! Have a good day!

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