Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

LS Update and Teaser!

Update copied from Anissa's journal...

Chapter 29, Playing with Fire, now stands at 2,215 words and 5 pages. We have one more small scene to finish, one scene to complete (note to self - don't forget the cable runback button and the cop's souvenir) and the major scene at the end to do. That ought to bring us up to at least 4,500 words and 8 or 9 pages, if not more.

The Valentine's Day ficlet is semi-plotted. Just so y'all know, it takes place when the twins are 16 (right before the Little Secrets sequel, Heirs to the House of El, in other words *grins*). The Lane-Kent kids' high school does something that mine did: Valentine's Day Candy-Grams. Is a nifty fundraiser - for a buck or so, the kids get to fill out a pink card and send it with some candy to the person of their choice.

Here's a quick little sample: the twins' Candy-Grams to each other, sent anonymously.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Your weasel is stinky,
And so are you!

Red is a rose,
Silver's a fork.
You'll never be Godzilla,
You're stuck as a dork!

Gotta love those kids ... sibling rivalry raised to an art form.
Tags: little secrets progress reports, oneshot progress updates

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