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Huh... Lana, Lana, Lana, When Will You Ever Learn? (SV 8x13)

*sigh* Okay, okay, I have to admit that the Mary Sue powers and the Clana B.S. are just ridiculous. And yes, Clark is chasing a dream again. It is total crack. The fact that Lana thinks everything is going to be okay now because she was powers due to a battle suit? *snorfle* Lady, you underestimate both Lex and what Clark really needs. If you need powers to be on the same level with him, that's sad. Lois has done it for years, in canon, without them. You poor sweet stupid little girl. And you think you're grown? You were always so blind to what was really important. And now that Clark is poised to start his destiny and is scared to death to jump, you come along and give him an excuse to not take that leap of faith. *sigh* You were a distraction then, you are a distraction now. When will you ever learn, Lana? You've progressed no further than I had thought you would. Making me love Lana this season? Sorry, guys, EPIC FAIL.

Clark, you poor screwed-up little boy. *sighs disgustedly and hugs you* Why do you let her get under your skin even now? You should know better. You have progressed so far this season to let her run you off-track with this cute little fairytale. I know her hold over you is strong and always has been, but you are no longer a child. You have progressed beyond this pathethic co-dependant carousel. She's not for you and everyone has told you that time and time again. If Lana needs a battle suit to be with you, then she's not being who she really is. And that's been the problem all along. Neither of you can be who you truly are with each other. Hell, she knows The Secret and you two keep trying for a life that just isn't going to work out.

And, as much as I love you, darling... I have to say that I hope that Lois will step away from you when she gets back. You had something real within reach when Lana walked away from you, something that will be truly extraordinary one day. But now you're going to have to earn it back. You were so close to having her this early, but you've blown it for the moment. You get the one misstep with me here. It's still pretty early in the 'Superman' era for you two to be together and you and Lana needed closure, so it's forgivable. This once. And I hope she makes you jump through hoops before she gives in. I'm still hopeful. I still love you. Just don't screw up after next episode. 

And Chloe? I just have to say, WTFH?! You were the Clois champion last episode and now...? What was that in the beginning? That was pretty 'about face', wasn't it? In 'Bulletproof', you show your Clois colors, only to console Clark over the Clana kiss the next episode? Not cool. You lose ten points and go to jail. Let's do something about consistancy, okay? *glare*

Now ... I have to say that I am a little pissed over that kiss on the Planet roof. Ummm, yeah. Excuse me, PS3, but that's Clois imagery you used there and we don't like it. Please to not be stupid about that, anymore. That may take you a while to redeem. That was sacred. Not happy with that. Straighten up.

Okay, on to next week and the finale of the Lana/Action Arc. Same time, same channel.

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