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And Now I Remember What Being Twelve and Living At Home Feels Like...

No, not really. It just sort of feels that way.

Anissa's older brother and his 14-year-old son arrived this afternoon for a six-day stay. He keeps a completely different schedule from ours, I'm working most of the week, and the pair are sleeping in the living room, so we really can't go into that half of the house after they go to sleep for fear of waking them up. Have I mentioned yet that he's going to bed when I get home? *headdesk* Which means, for all intents and purposes, that we're under bedroom arrest after we get home from work. And we'd better get home early, since dinner will have to be made and eaten by midnight.

Still, it's nice to have him here for the visit. I just wish they were staying in a hotel.

If no one hears from me this week, it's because of the company we have, although the chapter will be up Saturday. (Beta team, we're going to try to have this out to you as soon as possible. We'll have it in Thursday at the very latest.

*goes to take a Xanax*
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