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The Clois Queen Wades In... SV 8x12

*LOL* This episode wasn't so bad, really. I enjoyed the appearance of Turpin and any moment with J'onn is well-spent. I'm just thrilled to see the boys starting to close ranks. And the storyline about the cops was really quite interesting, although Clark sticks out like a sore thumb in that uniform and being subtle still isn't his strong suit. XD The way he was just throwing those questions out there... *headdesk* But he's learning, which is what's important. He's getting there by inches. I have to say that I'm proud of him on that score.

Next up is the Tess/Lana storyline. I'll hand it to Kreuk. I've been impressed by her performance this time around, mostly because I think this is the first time EVER I've seen Lana played like a grown-up. And she was perfect here in that she reminded you almost immediately of the fact that she's the ex-Mrs. Luthor. For me, Lana was almost tolerable when she was with Lex. Power becomes her, although it most certainly makes someone like her dangerous. And the scenes between the two women were awesome with the exception of the martial arts. *headdesk* Okay, Chun-Li, we get it. You're in a Street Fighter movie. Good for you. *rolls eyes* Moving on...

I have to say that I knew that Lex would have come up with a pretty evil way of keep an eye on Tess, but that was mind-blowing. Totally didn't expect that. That's one hell of a plot-twist. I knew PS3 had it in them. I feel terribly bad for her at having been used that way, but I get the feeling that Lex is going to pay for this and Clark's finally safe from her plans. But I worry just how safe she is. And I've really grown to like her.

Okay, you knew it was going to be in here, the Zombie!Clana, and you'll be surprised. PS3 hasn't let us down this season, even if they don't give us the quick and easy answers. That's why I like them; they make the pace a bit more realistic than the rollercoaster drama that we got under AlMiles. No, they don't give us everything we want, but that's the nature of a writer. We want to keep you on edge. Keep you guessing. That said, we all know that Clark has fallen for Lois. If they went as far as letting Chloe (Damn, I'm proud of you here, girl! That speech was absolutely for the win!) comment on it, it's real and it's there.

And Clark's reaction?

(Gacked from cloiser_trish! Thanks for making these, dear!)

Priceless. He loves Lois. Period. And I'm of two minds with the Clana: one, this is the time for closure, especially since she's not going to be coming back. They broke up the last time for God knows what reason on Lana's part. Wouldn't we much rather a clean break? Both of them being big enough to walk away willingly when it doesn't work out? I don't think they've ever actually done that. I think they're old enough now to do that. I can live with the Clana in the next couple of episodes because I know it'll be over when her stay ends. And he'll be free once and for all to be with Lois with clear sight and no regrets.

Two? I very strongly feel like they're setting us up. She's up to something, something that tethers her to Lex. This whole arc has been about ratcheting up the action and it's building. Something that has all of the threads we've been seeing for weeks, maybe months, binding in the next couple of weeks to an explosion. I honestly can't wait to see what comes next. As babettew54 said to me last night, did you see the promo in the loft were Clark is standing next to Lana and hits his knees, as if suddenly sickened? I'm telling you, they're setting us up. Keep watching. I think the reason of the season is going to be absolutely rockstar. Trust me. They've got us right where we want to be. ;)
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